Stella Beltran

Stella Beltran

Name: Stella Beltran
Age: 87

Her Story: While raising nine children, Stella Beltran worked as a community liaison for children in her local school in Southern California. Retired and recently widowed, Mrs. Beltran continues to be an advocate for children. After almost twelve years of struggle, Mrs. Beltran has orchestrated the development of a huge park for the kids in the gang-blighted neighborhood near the school where she worked for years. When not advocating for those in need in her community, Stella is tending her rose garden and dancing: taking Zumba, Salsa and Belly dancing classes four nights a week. The octogenarian admits she just can't sit still and always looks to stay active.

Reflections: "Happiness is contagious. 'Positiveness' is contagious. All you have to do is want it. All you have to do is set your mind to it and then enjoy yourself. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your day. Enjoy everything!"

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