Feb 26

A Star Is Born/Galactic Star Games

A STAR IS BORN: When the ZPers travel through a Wormhole created by Wilson, he sneezes, accidentally shooting them into a region of space that is far from home. Their fuel is lost and the only way our heroes can return to Zula is by using the solar energy that will be emitted by protostars inside a nebula, after they change into full-fledged stars. But the protostars our ZPers meet are afraid of changing and fulfilling their destiny. Our heroes help them through that process, and the protostars learn that change can be good. GALACTIC STAR GAMESAt the Sun's request, the Zula Patrol travels to the Star Games, a competition for stars, to help out the Sun's Aunt Dorothy, an older red dwarf star that wants to compete. But they soon discover that Dorothy and her older friends are being discriminated against because of their age.