Mar 10

Birds of a Feather/Bula's Heros: The Great Camouflage Caper

When their space craft freezes up, the Zula Patrol makes an emergency landing in the Zula Forest near a bird's nest - with an abandoned egg! After the baby bird hatches, the ZPers decide to track down its mother, who Deliria bird-napped in order to design a flying machine for Cloid. Along the way, the Zula Patrol learns about animal adaptation and attempt to teach the little bird how to fly; only they have no luck. But when the time is right, the bird does fly, rescuing its mother and helping the Zula Patrol snare Deliria and Cloid. In his quest for control of Zula, Dark Truder shrinks Bula, Zeeter and Multo, and then puts them in a terrarium where a beetle named Bruto will keep them from escaping. Deep inside the terrarium, the ZPers meet a group of very polite insects with camouflage abilities. Bug-phobic Bula comes to like the insects and get over his phobia. The insects use their camouflage abilities to help get the ZPers past Bruto, out of the terrarium and defeat Truder.