Blast to Earth's Past/The Great Climb

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Deliria thinks she's found a way to own the entire Earth - by taking a time machine back to when there were no people on the planet, and being the first to claim it. Zeeter accidentally gets whisked along on the time trip, which takes them back to 250 million years ago when Earth's continents were combined as one. Going forward in time to the present, Deliria's clunky time machine continually breaks down. In between encounters with dinosaurs and an Ice Age, Zeeter gets to observe how today's continents were formed because of Plate Tectonics. Zeeter is excited about climbing in The Great Climb, an annual mountain climbing event in her home town, Zazu Falls. It's a two-person team event and Bula's to be her partner. But when Bula is injured, Multo volunteers to be her partner. Zeeter is skeptical of Multo's climbing abilities; however, Multo's knowledge of mountains is what helps them climb close to the top. Unfortunately, the mountain, who prefers to be called the "Grand Zeeterondack," prevents the two from reaching its summit. After asking some questions, Zeeter and Multo learn that the mountain is worried that once someone reaches the top, no one will climb it any more. In the end, the two ZPers must convince the mountain that it is like an old friend and that the climbers will never abandon it. Once they do this, the mountain allows them to climb the rest of the way to the top.