Feb 29

Blub-Glub/Power Flower

BLUBGLUB: Dark Truder returns to his roots by starting small to jumpstart his career in villainy. He pretends to be the mascot of a water theme park, which he ruins when he replaces the water with a gooey substance called Blub-Glub. Thankfully, the Zula Patrollers happen to be enjoying the park at the time, and they use their knowledge of water to put an end to Truder's scheme, and save the water supply on Zula. Our heroes learn not to take something as wonderful and as necessary as water, for granted. POWER FLOWER: When Zeeter finds a lone flower on a previously unexplored island on Zula, she wants to save it by bringing it home. But when she accidentally leaves the lid off of its contained environment, the flower must venture out for water. However in its new environment, the flower automatically clones when it's fully hydrated. It isn't long before The Zula Patrol has more flowers than they ever imagined, and the water cycle, indeed, all life on the planet, is at risk.