Mar 6

Blue Moon/Going Through A Phase

BLUE MOON: Wizzy and Wigg journey to Earth's Moon to prove their separate theories: Wizzy believes the Moon is made out of cheese, and Wigg is certain the Man in the Moon inhabits it. During their adventure, they learn the truth about the Moon's surface, as well as how important it is not to take off without letting a team member know where you're going. GOING THROUGH A PHASE: Bula gets sprayed with Zulabane Plant pollen and is turned into a Zulean Were-Mouse. Bula is certain his days as a member of the Zula Patrol Team are over until he learns to make use of his condition rather than give up because of it. Bula takes advantage of his Were-mouse powers to save his friends from a Zula Cave Kitty. While Multo searches for a cure, the other Zula Patrollers study the phases of the Moon so they can help free Bula from his Were-Mouse curse.