Choosing Sides/Camp Worm

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CHOOSING SIDES - The Zula Patrol is worried - their shipment of honey never arrived and oatmeal just isn't the same without it. The flowers, beetles and bees have all walked off the job, each claiming they are the most important cog in the honey production wheel! Can the Zula Patrol settle things? They'll have to agree first! Zeeter, Bula and Multo take different sides in this standoff. It's Wizzy and Wigg, armed with knowledge of ecosystems, who finally prove that none can exist without the others -when they work together, can't be beat, just like the ZP! CAMP WORM - When Zeeter and Bula scoff at the big importance of tiny earthworms to the ecosystem, Multo sends them to Camp Worm. They expect a cakewalk, but face a rude awakening when Camp Leader Burrows pushes them and their worm teammates (Team Wriggler) to the limit. Zeeter and Bula gradually learn to respect the value of worm activities. So when an ecosystem emergency springs up, Team Wrigglers are the only worms available. With training and heart, they answer the call, save the ecosystem and earn the honor of being called worms.