Giant Litterbugs from Space/Rv of the Giants

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GIANT LITTERBUGS FROM SPACE: The Zula Patrol learns about simple machines when a passing spaceship of giant Zlorgs (from the Zulean Panhandle) drop some huge litter on their headquarters -- including a massive paper cup that completely covers the building! They manage to remove the cup using two simple machines, the inclined plane and the lever, only to discover that the littering was no careless act, but a result of Dark Truder's latest plot! RV OF THE GIANTS: After running into their friends, the gigantic Zlorg family, who are camping in their huge R.V., the Zula Patrollers get accidentally trapped inside the R.V. They have to figure out how to get out, using two examples of simple machines, a wedge and a pulley, before Dark Truder steals their spaceship! Mistakenly thinking he's no longer wanted, Gorga leaves the Zula Patrol in search of a new home. In an effort to find him, the Zula Patrol searches The Solar System and all Nine Planets before ultimately rescuing him from the Intergalactic Pet Catcher.