Oct 25

Larva Or Leave Me/Egg Hunt

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Mon Oct 26 at 8:00AM on KCET-HD
Sat Oct 31 at 6:00AM on KCET-HD
LARVA OR LEAVE ME - Skip needs the help of The Zula Patrol to find his best friend, Wriggly. On their search, they find out the missing worm isn't a worm at all but a beautiful butterfly. They finally locate her just as she emerges from the chrysalis in her new form. Through their search mission, The Zula Patrol learns about the life cycles of different creatures and about a stage of growth called metamorphosis. Now that she's been found, Wriggly worries that Skip won't like her anymore because she's different. Nonsense! Change is a part of life. EGG HUNT - Deliria hatches an evil plan to steal all of the frogs and their eggs on Zula and use them in her quest to takeover the planet. Wizzy and Wigg catch wind of her scheme and come up with their own plan to stop her. Along the way they discover that the eggs hatch into tadpoles and then grow into frogs through metamorphosis. It's up to Zula to find the stolen eggs and frogs and return them to the planet for the good of all.