May The Force Be Wigg You/Five Zuleans in a Boat (and Gorga)

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MAY THE FORCE BE WIGG YOU - One of Multo's gadgets accidentally gives Wigg with super- strength, giving Wigg a chance to live out his superhero fantasies. But when a bully challenges him to a show of force to determine who's the strongest, Wigg has to rely on his friends (and their knowledge of force) to save the day. FIVE ZULEANS IN A BOAT (AND GORGA) - While on a relaxing boat trip down the Amazula River, the Zula Patrol spots Deliria racing up the river, causing mayhem in her vast luxury cruise liner . But her perilous piloting causes the ship to become wedged in a narrow part of the river. Water builds up behind her boat, threatening a flood! It's up to the Zula Patrol to utilize the law of force to find a way to pull it free before the Amazula bursts its banks.