Mine Shaft/The Crystal Cavern

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MINE SHAFT - Dark Truder is at it again. At Zula's mines, he switches the labels of the minerals being shipped out to manufacturing plants and now everything is in disarray. Then, disguised as a home redecorating guru, Truder gets the ZPers to replace their "dingy old" equipment. Soon, at the ZP HQ and all over Zula, nothing, absolutely nothing, is working like it should. While the ZPers, in their new wobbly ship, try to find out what's gone wrong, Truder is the only one with equipment that works properly! Will Truder finally win? THE CRYSTAL CAVERN - Thanks to a rocky Truder space chase, The Zula Patrol needs a new crystal to power their ship. That means an expedition to the mysterious Crystal Cavern, where the legendary (and notoriously growly) Big Toe lives. Will they find the special crystal they need in time to stop Truder, or will they hit rock bottom?