Mutual Distraction/What Goes Up Must Come Down

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MUTUAL DISTRACTION: Dark Truder hides a magnet in a cloud to magnetize the Zula Patrol, rendering them ineffective, but it's Wizzy and Wigg who end up magnetized. The Zula Patrollers learn all about magnetism as they try to save the siblings - and themselves, when their ship becomes a giant refrigerator magnet. WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN: Explorers from the planet Polkadottia make an emergency landing on Zula and send cryptic visual messages for help to the Zula Patrol. Once our ZPers are able to decipher these messages and find the stranded Polkadottians, they are also able to figure out their problem: The visitors come from a smaller and less massive world than Zula, so they aren't used to the stronger gravitational pull and mass of the ZPers' planet. Our heroes tow the Polkadottians to Mercury - a planet that equals Polkadottia in mass and gravity. There, they help the visitors fix their ship so they can return home.