Mar 4

Rock and Patrol/Support Your Neighborhood Volcano

When famous rock group The Bowlin' Stones have a falling out and refuse to play at a big benefit concert, Bula and Zeeter must find them and convince them to change their minds. Meanwhile, to fill in, Multo must overcome his stage-fright to be the front man of the Zula Patrol's own rock band. It's the Zula Patrol to the rescue when Voop's volcanic cousin Fielding holds back from erupting. Fielding's in denial about his condition, but if he builds up too much pressure, the results could be disastrous for the residents of Volcano Valley. Our heroes find out that Fielding is afraid to let his 'inner volcano' shine through because his neighbors fear and mistrust volcanoes, and they might dislike him even more. The ZPers help Fielding re-discover how great it is to be a volcano.