Spin Control: The Venus Effect/Crater Raters: Journey to Mercury

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SPIN CONTROL: THE VENUS EFFECT - Venus refuses to pose for a picture on Multo's Mega-Map of the Solar System because she feels that she doesn't fit in with the other planets. The Zula Patrol figures out how unique Venus is, then (with some musical help from Wizzy and Wigg) manage to convince her that having a "retrograde" rotation really rocks! CRATER RATERS: JOURNEY TO MERCURY - The Zulean Crater Rater Society is late in arriving for Multo's luncheon and that means trouble. The Zula Patrol must race to the planet Mercury to rescue the Raters from the clutches of Dark Truder - who wants to use their knowledge of craters to build a gigantic golf course where even HE can't miss the holes.