The Great River Race/When You Wish Upon A Sea Star

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THE GREAT RIVER RACE - As The Zula Patrol competes in Zula's annual Great River Race, their nemesis, Dark Truder, plans to win the race by cheating so he can become famous which he's sure will cause people to finally listen to him. Unfortunately for Truder, every time he plots to knock the ZPers out of the competition, they rally back using their newfound knowledge about rivers. In the end, with quite a bit of help from Gorga, the ZPers win the race and Truder and Traxie wind up all wet. WHEN YOU WISH UPON A SEA STAR - The Zula Patrol is spending a fun day at the beach, when they meet Stella, a young Sea Star, in a tide pool. She needs the Zula Patrol's help to find her way back home, and in the process, our heroes learn all about the ocean's different habitats, and their fascinating inhabitants.