The Lizard Who Came to Dinner/Island of the Endotherms

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THE LIZARD WHO CAME TO DINNER - Ziggy the Iguana comes to stay with The Zula Patrol, and his abundance of energy and desire to "help" makes him a handful. He wears out his welcome further by turning up the thermostat to keep his ectothermic system from cooling off. But when Ziggy loses the eggs he's babysitting, The Zula Patrol mounts a rescue expedition to the desert, where they learn that being ectothermic can be cool after all. ISLAND OF THE ENDOTHERMS - When Dark Truder sends a phony distress signal, the Zula Patrol find themselves trapped on a remote island with extremely rapid weather changes. While the Zula Patrollers search the island for a power source to start their ship, they learn about endotherms and how they are able to keep their body temperatures relatively constant. Meanwhile, Dark Truder takes over their headquarters, and learns NEVER to touch anything without knowing what it does!