The Missing Elements/Journey to the Center of Gorga

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THE MISSING ELEMENTS - While Wizzy and Wigg learn about elements, the building blocks of matter, Dark Truder puts his latest devious scheme into action. The plan: use elements to create tools needed to take over the universe. However, his plan goes awry and he accidentally releases several gremlin-like elements from their container. The Zula Patrol steps in to track them down. But the runaways transform themselves into a giant rubber band which sling-shots Truder far into space. Fortunately, in the end, the ZPers convince the homesick elements to return to the Keeper of the Elements and everyone is happy. JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF GORGA - To help explain chemical reactions, Multo uses the Sizerizer to shrink Bula and Zeeter down to atomic size -- but before they can get back to normal, they must escape from a refrigerator ice tray, bacteria in a container of spoiled milk, and a bowl of sticky cake mix. Unfortunately, Gorga swallows the mix, sending our micro-heroes on a journey to the center of Gorga, learning more about chemical reactions, and even using one to help them get out!