The Show Must Float on/the Truder Crown Affair

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THE SHOW MUST FLOAT ON - It's time for the annual Ballet of the Water Striders, a beautiful water-top dance to celebrate the coming of Spring. However, during rehearsals the water striders can't keep themselves on top of the water! Enter The Zula Patrol, who find out the water striders are having trouble holding onto each other. It turns out, an unwelcome substance is making it impossible for the water molecules to form their natural elastic layer. The ZPers need to find the source of the pollution fast or the water could get way too sick to recover... and the water ballet will have to be cancelled! THE TRUDER CROWN AFFAIR - Princess Marina invites The Zula Patrol to the Zulean Isles to enjoy her coronation, but when a suspiciously familiar "Count Von Troodles" takes her crown, the ZPers are back on the job. Unfortunately, Wizzy and Wigg discover the crown they've retrieved floats instead of sinking like the genuine article. The ZPers will have to get the real crown back from Truder before he becomes king of the isles and Marina's hopes sink like...well, like her crown should!