Nov 6

Vanishing Cream/There Goes The Neighborhood

More Airdates:
Sun Nov 16 at 5:00AM on KCET-HD
Sat Nov 22 at 5:00AM on KCET-HD
VANISHING CREAM - Deliria and Cloid start a galaxy-wide "beautification" project to remove the craters from every moon, planet and asteroid. When the planets start missing the features that make them unique, it's up to The Zula Patrol to stop Deliria before the problem gets any, greater. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD - Dark Truder has moved his secret hideout into The Zula Patrol's back yard... the nearby Zula Canyon. His very presence is threatening to destroy the ecosystem. As The Zula Patrol fights to keep the destruction of the canyon in check, Wizzy and Wigg uncover fascinating lessons about their habitat... and Dark Truder learns a lesson, too. Well, no, actually he never really does.