Next on the KCET Book Club, Small Island!

Calling all SoCal book lovers: The next installment of the KCET Online Book Club is here!

For the month of April we are bringing you Andrea Levy's best-selling and award-winning Small Island, which will coincide with Masterpiece Classic's premiere of a two-part adaption of the novel airing April 18th and April 25th. (You can buy a copy of Small Island here, helping to support KCET in the process).

Masterpiece describes the Orange Prize-winning novel - and their adaptation - thusly:

Small Island, an uplifting and powerful story of Jamaican immigrants arriving in war-ravaged London with hope, energy and a limitless capacity to accept rejection, comes to Masterpiece classic in a two-part adaptation starring Naomie Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean) and David Oyelowo (The Last King of Scotland). Small Island also stars Ruth Wilson (Jane Eyre) and Benedict Cumberbatch (The Last Enemy) as Queenie and Bernard, a conventional but mismatched English couple who end up as landlords to new immigrants Hortense and Gilbert (played by Harris and Oyelowo). The relations between the four, each of whom faces a grueling personal struggle, are the occasion for gentle humor and intense heartbreak. Small Island is based on Andrea Levy's best-selling, award-winning novel.

On Friday, April 30th, we'll be convening here at the KCET Online Book Club (as well as on Twitter using the #KCETBOOK hashtag) to discuss the book. So get your copy of Small Island and keep an eye out for updates here at the KCET Book Online Club.


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