Welcome to the KCET Online Book Club!

Starting today, KCET.org is inviting book lovers throughout Southern California to join us in a literary experiment: the KCET Online Book Club. Much of our on-air programming and community initiatives have strong literary roots. We want to bring those interconnected strands together in a new area where you can to talk with one another (and us) about the books you love.

The Online Book Club works like this:

  1. We pick a book
  2. We build a place on our site for you to talk about the book
  3. We provide additional resources related to the book to help round out the conversation
  4. You share your passions, opinions and reactions!

The first installment of the KCET Online Book Club will coincide with Masterpiece Classic's January 24th premiere of a new, three-part interpretation of Jane Austen's Emma. (You can buy a copy of Emma here, helping to support KCET in the process).

Every Friday before one of the three Emma episodes, we'll be convening here in the KCET Online Book Club to discuss a portion of the book. Fortunately, Emma itself breaks down into three neat volumes, allowing for a very tidy reading schedule:

  • Volume 1 of Emma should be read by January 22, 2008, just before Episode 1 airs on January 24th
  • Volume 2 of Emma should be read by January 29, 2010, just before Episode 2 airs on January 31st
  • Volume 3 of Emma should be read by February 5, 2010, just before Episode 3 airs on February 7th

So get your copy of Emma and keep an eye out for updates here at the KCET Book Club. And by the way, don't forget to introduce yourself in the comments below! KCET is called Community Television of Southern California for a reason.


Emma Resources


Reminder to get your books!

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Hi Everyone!
this book club is a wish come true! Really looking forward to it!

Haven't read Austen since high school. Excited to get a fresh perspective!

We belong to the Jane Austen Society of North America, so this book selection is "right up our alley." This is a wonderful way to expand the community of Janeites!

What a great idea! So looking forward to the exchange!

Willing and excited to participate in this with many, many other KCET fans, primarily since I previously have not been very interested in works by Jane Austen.

Will all your book pocks be classics, or can a published book by a Southern California writer (like me!) be chosen?

I'm looking forward to this group. I love Jane Austen books.

Excellent initiative.

Interested to listen to different interpretation
and ideas about the same book.

Does anyone know what Jane's ideas were when
writing "Emma". (This question can be applied to
any piece of art? (Is my comment too long?)

I've been waiting for this book club, it's great.

I've read and re-read Austen's books since I discovered them in High school. Emma was my least favorite one, but as I lived and learned a bit more it became more and more appreciated. I look forward to another reading, and the opportunity to discuss it with others.

This sounds great! How do connect here online on Jan. 22nd?

so excited to be a part of this experience.

Very excited to start!

have never been part of a bookclub, but always thought it would be cool. i just heard about this though so i probably won't be caught up for the discussion of emma part one.

Hi. This is going to be great. I love books and Emma is one of my old favorites. See you on Friday.

Timing is perfect! Book Club, Jane Austen Ball, Emma on tv! YAY!

Watched 1st part of *Emma". Beautiful and fascinating background scenery! Emma was clearly but not very subtly portrayed; her devotion to her hypochondriac father ( a redeeming feature of her character) did not come through. Nevertheless I did enjoy it and look forward to the next episodes.

Book club idea is wonderful. I've been a Jane Austen fan for years. This current production is great!! I have attended the tea and ball for several years now.

Emma was always my favorite Jane Austen book. I haven't read it
lately, but as I recall, the portrayal of the characters is one of her
best, and she really can describe it as it is!

What is the next book club selection?

After viewing the first chapter of "Emma", I chose to read the book. Enjoyed both, and thought the adaptation extremely well done.The actors' portrayal of their roles kept the flavor of Jane Austin's writing. Looking forward to the next book.