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Youth Voices

Youth Voices Is...

Youth Voices

A digital literacy and civic engagement program that invites youth on an exploration of their neighborhood, where they investigate the social, cultural, and political history and take a critical look at the issues facing their community.



The Youth Voices curriculum, through its nine workshops and supplemental resources, offers students an opportunity to become civically engaged, and gain experience with creative mapping strategies, digital and multimedia tools, and digital publishing.

Education Notes

Education Notes

Mediating between the plan designed for each installment of Youth Voices and the reality of the classroom by reflecting on the process and how it relates to larger social and educational issues.

Communities & Projects

Riverside is one of the most rapidly sprawling counties in the nation. In the Eastern Coachella Valley, this growth is largely driven by its robust agricultural industry that has attracted a largely immigrant, Latino population. Though many agricultural workers land temporarily in this valley, they increasingly extend their stay permanently. As a result, Coachella Valley has failed to keep up with the velocity of its growth. Without basic infrastructure, many unplanned communities that have sprouted in the desert are left to their own devices as they struggle to attain basic services. Access to healthcare, adequate housing, and viable transportation are three of the Eastern Coachella Valley’s most pressing concerns.


Explore the themes and topics that shape the diverse and distinct communities of our city.


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Field Guides

Be a tourist in your own backyard, explore the places and histories that make up our unique neighborhoods.