Cheuk Choi - Principal Of Castelar Elementary

Built around the 1880's, Castelar Elementary School is the second oldest continuously operating school in Los Angeles and one of the only that can claim to be a neighborhood school. We visited the school and spoke with Principal Cheuk Choi about Castelar's history and the obstacles of multicultural learning in public education.

History of Castelar School
"Cheuk Choi shares the school's legacy and his history as a teacher and now principal of Castelar."
Becoming an Asian School
"Principal Cheuck Choi describes the varying backgrounds and diverse circumstances that contribute to the student population."
Public Education and Multicultural Learning
"Cheuk Choi describes how his experiences help him to better adjust to cultural and linguistic differences within the classroom."
A Neighborhood School
"Cheuk Choi talks about the sense of pride his old students feel towards the school."
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Tyrus Wong - Artist


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Cheuk Choi was my 5th grade teacher back in 1980. Wonderful man!


Hi Douglas - It amazes me to hear how Castelar was such a community, neighborhood school thanks to people like Susan Dickson, Cheuk Choi and William Chun-Hoon. Do you have any stories about them that you could add into our community engagement page? Would love to hear them!