L.A. River Excursion: Burbank East Bank, Rancho Equestrian District

Driving along Riverside Drive to avoid the 134 Freeway, you've probably seen a horse or two on the side of the road - it's a fairly common sight in Burbank's Rancho Equestrian District. Stretched out alongside the Los Angeles River, this large equine community includes the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, which boards and trains over 400 horses. And here the Burbank Western Channel connects to the Los Angeles River.

Down Mariposa Street off of Riverside sits Circle K, a stable right next to the river, where one can rent a horse or take lessons. Several trails break out from here, including one that extends to miles of riding through Griffith Park. If you choose to walk along the river, you'll see the backside of the equestrian center where riders are often training. Be careful though, the same path is frequented by horses. As you connect back to Riverside Drive and walk along the road, it's quite evident by the crossing signs, the feed store, and the large rancho style homes: this is a horse town.

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At the Circle K Riding Stables, horses look on for a rider, almost expectedly.

Cross horse bridge at your risk, reads the sign. This path leads into Griffith Park.

West along the Los Angeles River the bank is a vertical drop.

You may notice horses with their riders practicing dance steps for competitions.

A sign that it's still winter even though it doesn't feel like it.

The Burbank Western Channel merges with the Los Angeles River.

Here the crossing button stands nearly at a head's height.

Inside the feed store on Riverside Drive.

Many of these stables are also available for film shoots conveniently a short distance from the studios.

After a long day of riding, or walking, you can grab a bite at this local eat.

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