Making History: Photos from the First Legal Kayaking Tour of the L.A. River

The pilot program leads kayakers through the a section of river in Sepulveda Basin

The Los Angeles Conservation Corps kicked off its pilot kayaking program last Saturday. Scheduled twice each Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. through September 25th, 280 spots at $50 a head were sold-out within an hour a few days prior.

Sparked in part by a 2008 kayaking expedition led by George Wolfe, the program is a reflection of the public's growing demand for access and recreation to the Los Angeles River.

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I was there with my wife at the commencement of the first kayaking tour which was led by Melanie Winters, LACC staff and Mountains, Recreation and Conservation Authority rangers. It was a blast! Some photos are below:

Kayakers had their choice between singles, doubles or a canoe.

Melanie Winter, the guest speaker on this tour, pulled us together to give background on the L.A. River.

And then they set off of into the sun.

At points along the tour, the water could be as deep as 14 feet.

Comerants looking down at us from above

<strong>At points along the tour, we would have to exit our boats and pull the kayaks over the rocks.</strong>

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