Laws That Shaped L.A. Twitter List

The Laws That Shaped LA has been busy lately arranging and conducting new interviews and conducting research that will inform upcoming columns.

Look forward, for example, to upcoming posts featuring the laws nominated by and analysis offered from the likes of:

Mitchell J. Silver, president of the board of directors of the American Planning Association; Denny Zane, the executive director of MoveLA; and Doug Campbell, a notable architect, landscape architect, artist and USC adjunct professor.

In the meanwhile, for everyone interested in keeping up with the most current activities and musings of past Laws That Shaped LA interviewees and contributors, I've put together a Twitter list for each of those people, or their organizations, that I could locate on the service.

That Laws That Shaped L.A. public list -- along with an Arrival Stories list related to my other weekly column -- can be found here:


Top Photo: Apropos of absolutely nothing, other than to further celebrate the wonders of the LAPL photo archives, is this 1968 chart from the Herald-Examiner Collection showing the riches of a famous L.A. recluse. Photo courtesy Los Angeles Public Library

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