Departures Heads to South Robertson

As part of our ongoing exploration of Los Angeles neighborhoods, we are pleased to announce the development of our latest upcoming installment: Departures: South Robertson. In collaboration with the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORONC), we will be exploring the shifting histories and culture of this historic neighborhood.

South Robertson, also referred to as "Pico-Robertson" or "SoRo", is located between Beverly Hills and Culver City, bordered roughly by La Cienega Boulevard to the east and Roxbury Drive to the west, and Olympic and Venice Boulevards outlining its northern and southern borders respectively. The neighborhood, a microcosm of Los Angeles as a whole, is home to a diverse community of varying faiths, cultures, and backgrounds. While Christianity and Catholicism are prevalent in the neighborhood, the overwhelming presence of the Orthodox Jewish community define many parts of the area.

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Departures will begin production for SoRo this summer. At the 15th Annual SoRo Community Festival on June 3, the project will be introduced to the community with the help of the SORO Neighborhoods Council (SORONC), who will be invited to learn more about Departures and share memories, stories, and thoughts on the history and culture of the neighborhood.

As a project that values community participation, Departures also invite you to share your stories, memories, and suggestions about the SoRo neighborhood. Send us an email at, like us on Facebook, or share your thoughts via the comment box below.

Stay tuned throughout the summer for updates on this historic neighborhood!

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