Los Angeles is a sprawling city of many neighborhoods, each with its own unique set of people, places, and things that work together to create a distinct community. We decided to take a deep dive into these neighborhoods and tell their stories, from the mountains to the ocean, and through the rivers that connect the diverse neighborhoods into a barely unifying, constantly changing metropolis.


Can an urban farm be a catalyst for improving a community's health by increasing healthy food options and providing educational resources that facilitate community, school, and home gardens? READ MORE arrow


In El Monte CA, lean how a group of high school students used social media to talk about teen dating abuse and mental health in their community.

The Los Angeles Urban Rangers are taking the intimidation factor out of exploring the L.A. River with a free guided tour beneath the historic Sixth Street bridge and into the river itself.

Through this gathering, each of the communities will tell their own stories of change through the exploration of history, resident and youth leadership, healing, and health issues central to people's lives and the neighborhoods in which they live.

The Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront Collective brings together a wide variety of partners from different sectors that collectively are shaping new methods for urban planning.

Ecuadorian artist/anthropologist X. Andrade reflects back on the Highland Park-based Full Dollar project, which turned out to be a two-year long project.

With art, creativity and support, students are able to harness new opportunities and see a new future for themselves.

Even with all the efforts for change from political, medical and public health communities, change ultimately begins at home. Consumers must begin to educate themselves and take action toward making healthier more just food decisions.

It's not a typical day for a teenager to wake up knowing they will be performing live with LA's great Ozomatli, but that was the case for these Youth Voices students.

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Be a tourist in your own backyard, explore the places and histories that make up our unique neighborhoods.