Nature in Highland Park
The thriving natural landscape surrounding the Arroyo Seco has attracted people for centuries to its atmosphere of respite and renewal. Departures invites you to rediscover the peaceful attributes of the environment through our nature guides. Become enthralled by the scenic beauty just outside your backdoor with a visit to the Lower Arroyo and Hahamongna Watershed Park. These tree-crested areas of the Arroyo feature opportunities for trail walking, brilliant views of the local mountains, disc golf, fly casting, horseback riding, and, most importantly, a chance for your ears to ditch the constant roar of the automobile. If you wish to follow the Arroyo further into the San Gabriel Mountains, consult our Gabrieliño Trail Guide for an adventurous hike along a cement-free stretch of river. Or for those who prefer to stay closer to home, take a visit to Elyria Canyon Park for a jaunt through grassland, sage scrub, and a rare strand of Black Walnut Trees.
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Departures: Highland Park

Departures: Highland Park

Experience Departures: Highland Park through an intimate collection of interactive panoramas, first-person interviews, mapping tools and archival imagery, showing the incredible culture and history of Highland Park.