History in Venice
History is alive and strong in Venice. From its restored canal neighborhood to the thriving carnival atmosphere of the boardwalk that harks back to its amusement park days, Venice has endured major transformations but still retains its eccentric charm. Enjoy a tour of the eclectic architecture of many beach homes along Ocean Front Walk, including one by Frank Gehry, that reflect the area’s past as an architectural haven of innovation and experimentation. Walk along Windward Circle, the original heart of Venice of America, to see the numerous architectural homages to its history and imagine floating around the streets on a gondola as visitors would have decades ago. Before leaving the area, make sure to explore the Gregory Ain Mar Vista Tract, a wholly unique block of tract homes that embody the iconic features of modern architectural design that date back to post-WWII.
Departures: Venice

Departures Venice

American neighborhoods are changing, growing and re-defining themselves. Nowhere is this more evident than in Venice, California, where one of Los Angeles' most sophisticated and affluent creative enclaves sits side-by-side with a traditional working class community. Despite all these contradictions, Venice remains a magical spot not only to the tourists that flock to its beaches year after year, but also to those—rich or poor—that call Venice their home.