Arts in Venice
Artists have garnered a culture of inclusiveness and individuality in Venice since the neglected oil fields and decaying amusement parks of Venice of America drew them to a neighborhood with low rents and counter-cultural leanings after WWII. Today, you can’t turn a corner without seeing the impressions that were and continue to be left on the Venice art scene. Take our Mural Tour to discover the array of murals that grip the sides of buildings that you may have never noticed before. Visit the Social and Public Resource Center (SPARC) in the old Venice jailhouse to attend an invigorating art exhibit. Don’t forget that a look at Venice’s artistic heritage wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Eames Foundation to learn about the groundbreaking work of two of the neighborhood’s most iconic designers, Charles and Ray Eames.
Departures: Venice

Departures Venice

American neighborhoods are changing, growing and re-defining themselves. Nowhere is this more evident than in Venice, California, where one of Los Angeles' most sophisticated and affluent creative enclaves sits side-by-side with a traditional working class community. Despite all these contradictions, Venice remains a magical spot not only to the tourists that flock to its beaches year after year, but also to those—rich or poor—that call Venice their home.