Biking in Venice
There is a great amount to see in Venice without a car. For the beach and beyond, hop on your two-wheeler to explore the neighborhood. Head to the beach to cruise an easy bike path that will lead you north of Venice to the exciting atmosphere of the Santa Monica Pier. Or head south as you hook-up with our Ballona Creek Loop that will have you riding through the docks of Marina Del Rey and along scenic Ballona Creek. If you want to stick to the streets, go east on our guide to the many things to do on Venice Blvd., including stopping by the fascinating Museum of Jurassic Technology and the art galleries of St. Elmo’s Village. Bring your own bicycle or rent one at the many rental shops to experience the best of Venice.
Departures: Venice

Departures Venice

American neighborhoods are changing, growing and re-defining themselves. Nowhere is this more evident than in Venice, California, where one of Los Angeles' most sophisticated and affluent creative enclaves sits side-by-side with a traditional working class community. Despite all these contradictions, Venice remains a magical spot not only to the tourists that flock to its beaches year after year, but also to those—rich or poor—that call Venice their home.