Healthy Families

The State of California has been hacking its budget due to major revenue shortages this year. One item on the chopping block is Healthy Families, a statewide health plan for low-income families. If this happens, millions of children could be out of health insurance. We went to visit AltaMed Health Services, a non-profit health insurance provider that services many of these children in the Southern California area, to see what these bugdet cuts could mean for our health system and families in general.

"Our emergency care facilities would be flooded...and would ultimately cause a collapse in our health care system," claims Castulo de la Rocha, the President and CEO of AltaMed.

Credits: Shot and edited by Matthew Williams. Music by Matthew Williams. Produced by Juan Devis, Matthew Williams and Gary Dauphin


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The River Rules

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Absolutely compelling!!!

It's so sad that in one of the richest countries in the world, our children often have to go without health insurance. It is terrible that such a great program may have to be cut. It should be a basic right of every man, woman & child to have health coverage regardless of their income. A very moving and informative story....

It's absolutely devastating that our children have to pay for the incomptence of our Governor, who let California get to the lowest point ever. Where does this end? Cutting health coverage for low income familes is just the begining. I feel for these familes and I hope that California doesn't become the only state without health coverage for children, that will be a sad day in California!

What's COMPLETELY APPALLING to me is that the minority party, the party TOTALLY responsible for the $$ problems across our fine nation (the GOP), are still really ruling us via the manner in which they have been holding us the TRUE MAJORITY HOSTAGE as though they were the "majority" party, simply through California's legislative parliamentary rules which require a 2/3rds majority to pass critical budgetary & state constitutional changes. So instead of being overruled as most minority parties typically are, they have dog-piled & tightly grouped with one another like the "rats" they are, and have prevented any voting that doesn't contain their their dogmatic conservative ideals that have already been proven STALE, OUTDATED, PAROCHIAL and not what the majority wants... yet they continue to RULE California; now by taking the entire state hostage, along with our children, elderly and lucid thinking, progressive majority. WE MUST CHANGE the 2/3rds requirement soon! Go to if you truly want to do something about it.

This is so important to get out there and I think you did a nice job on the piece.