Diep Tran - Chef & Owner, Good Girl Dinette

Diep Tran is the chef and owner Good Girl Dinette, a popular Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Highland Park. Diep, a Vietnamese immigrant who moved with her family to San Gabriel Valley in 1978, grew up appreciating the dual cuisines from her homeland and America. This resulted in an inspired menu of alternative comfort food such as her popular chicken curry pot-pie. In the tradition of urban homesteading, a lifestyle necessity for many immigrants, Tran pursues local produce from local farmers for the dinette's menu. Her efforts with the community help to build a local food economy within Highland Park. Good Girl Dinette's unique place in the neighborhood connects her to the growing slow food movement in the area, the popularity of DIY culture and the complexities of gentrification; Tran shares her thoughts on these issues for Departures: Highland Park.


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