Eliot Sekuler - Planning Board Member, Lummis Day Foundation

Eliot Sekuler is a planning board member for the Lummis Day Foundation. While a member of the Northeast Progressive Alliance, he and his peers with a group of local artists, community members and volunteers created the Lummis Day Festival in 2006. Inspired by Charles F. Lummis, thought to be one of the pioneering multiculturalist of his day and Southern California's most devoted advocate, Lummis Day was formed to celebrate the diversity of cultures of the Arroyo Seco community. The festival kicks off annually at Lummis' home in Highland Park with performances throughout the community at other historic sites. Elliot offers his knowledge of the man behind the festival and his legacy to Los Angeles; the Southwest Museum.


Eric Avila - Associate Professor, UCLA


Ed Reyes - City Councilmember, District 1