Jean Stern - Executive Director, Irvine Museum

Jean Stern, the Executive Director of the Irvine Museum, is a renowned authority on Californian Impressionism. Stern has single handedly secured a national presence for the Irvine Museum since its inception in 1993 through a series of books, lectures, tours, video documentaries, articles, and exhibitions, as well as securing one of the most impressive collections of California Impressionism. Earlier this year, Jean authored California Light: A Century of Landscapes in collaboration with the California Art Club. Many of the popular Plein Air artists in the Arroyo Seco during the early 20th Century, including William Wendt and William Lees Judson, appear in this collection. Stern explains the works of these artist and others along with contextual art history on Plein Air painting in the Arroyo Seco for Departures: Highland Park.


Jeff Chapman - Director, Audubon Center At Debs Park


Heather Hoggan - Co-president, Arroyo Arts Collective