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Jesus Trevino - Director & Writer

Jesus Treviño, a film and television director is a pioneer of Chicano/a media and representation in the Unites States. Treviño began his career as a student activist documenting the 1960s Chicano civil rights struggle, then later produced groundbreaking documentaries on the history and culture of Latinos in America, including Yo Soy Chicano! and American Tropical among many others. In a era of little-to-none representation of Latinos in the media, these programs were created and reflected the social culture Los Angeles' Latino communities including, Boyle Heights and Highland Park. Jesus recounts the political climate and the describes the major players in the Chicano Movement and the social and political motivations behind his work.


Joe Rodriguez - Artist & Founder Of Mechiano Arts Center


Jeff Chapman - Director, Audubon Center At Debs Park