John Arroyo - Urban Planner

John Arroyo is an urban planner interested in the role of landscape, art, culture, and philanthropy in civic space, urban design, and civic engagement. As a proud native Angeleno reared in East Los Angeles, Arroyo's ongoing interest in the informal urban practices in Los Angeles inspired his award-winning graduate thesis at MIT, Culture in Concrete: Art and the Re-imagination of the Los Angeles River as Civic Space. This project analyzed the role of art, culture, and informality along the Los Angeles River. Arroyo believes in providing tools for communities to design the built environment for themselves and thereby admires the DIY tradition proposed by communities with little resources. He provides fresh insights about issues of access and public space for Departures: Highland Park.
Cultural Producers
Unsolicited art in the Los Angeles River sparked conversation about access to the watershed, and in some cases exemplify informal revitalization efforts.
Transforming Perspective
John Arroyo describes the power of conversation and growing perspective to encourage civic changes.
Urban planner John Arroyo sees a positive outcome for the generations rooted in Highland Park amidst gentrification.


John Valadez - Artist


Joe Rodriguez - Artist & Founder Of Mechiano Arts Center