Laura Cooper - Associate Professor, Art Center College Of Design

Laura Cooper is an artist and Associate Professor at the Art Center College of Design. Against the backdrop of our current digital-mediated culture, Cooper's work celebrates a return to nature, material and craft by embracing the ethos of DIY culture. Although keenly aware about the conceptual pirouttes of the current art market, Cooper injects her work and teachings with an almost irreverent respect and ode to nature and the communal. In line with the "noises" and "at-homes" organized by Lummis and Olive Percival, Cooper's garden-home is a revolving door for artists and intellectuals willing to spin some yarn, drink tea, and speak about the role of art in building a better community.

In "Reinterpreting Highland Park," Cooper discusses craft as an art-form while aligning its recent resurgence with the Arts and Crafts Movement at the turn of the century.


Lisa - Member, Knit Riot


Kim Walters - Director, Braun Research Library