Full Dollar Collection Of Contemporary Art

The Full Dollar Collection of Contemporary Art is an initiative that aims to reconsider the tradition of public art through a collaboration between artists, sign painters, and business owners. Originated in Ecuador by artist and anthropologist X. Andrade, the project examines how the fine art tradition intersects with the tradition of commercial hand-painted signs.

For the Los Angeles incarnation of the project, Outpost for Contemporary Art, in partnership with Occidental College and Departures, has been facilitating a dialogue between teams of artists, sign painters, and business owners, with the aim to transform storefronts along York Boulevard into a canvas for public art. The sign painters will appropriate works by the fine artists, using their motifs to create works that will examine the unique relationship between fine and commercial art, while becoming permanent fixtures on the changing face of the community of Highland Park.

Below are interviews with each of the participating artists and sign painters, along with the business with which they will collaborate. The videos were produced by students from Occidental College, in collaboration with the Departures team.

Visit the Full Dollar page for more information and updates.

Sandow Birk

Art Tapia

Jesse's Upholstery - Coming Soon

Shizu Saldamado - Coming Soon

Kimberley Edwards

Mi Vida - Coming Soon

Ruby Osorio - Coming Soon

Agbey Hommey

DigiColors - Coming Soon

Wayne Healy - Coming Soon

Rodolfo Cardona

Awesome Playground - Coming Soon

Martin Durazo

Brad Dutsch

Palace Cleaners - Coming Soon

Above, Julie Deamer from Outpost for Contemporary Art describes the concepts behind the Full Dollar Project.

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