Robert Gottlieb - Director of the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, Occidental College

Robert Gottlieb is a professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and director of the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute (UEPI) at Occidental College. He has been published in the Los Angeles Times and has authored twelve books on topics such as food, transportation, environment, and the city of Los Angeles. In 2003, Gottlieb helped plan the Arroyo Fest, a one-time shutdown of the Arroyo Seco Parkway for pedestrians and cyclists to explore the connecting communities of the Arroyo and addressing a broader social, political and environmental agenda on the needs to re-purpose and re-use our built environment. Gottlieb's shares his thoughts about cars, traffic and the latinoization of Los Angeles, and a few tips on how to re-imagine Los Angeles as a gentler - less congested and greener - city.


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