Ruben Martinez - Award-Winning Journalist, Author & Musician

Rubén Martinez is a prolific, curious, public intellectual and writer, who has constantly kept the pulse on the changing face of Los Angeles, writing about the hybrid cultural and political spaces inhabited by Latinos in America. In contrast to the apocalyptic - but necessary -seminal 90s Los Angeles book by Mike Davis' City of Quartz, Martinez' On the Other Side presented a city bound with alternatives thanks to the growing influence of latinos in all aspects of life of the city. Martinez went on to publish numerous other books as well as articles in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Village Voice, to make him one of the most important voices in American literature today. In this series, Martinez sheds light on the demographics, politics, and culture of Highland Park's Latino community.


Sonya Fe - Artist


Rosalio Munoz - Co-Chair, Chicano Moratorium Against the Vietnam War