Tricia Ward - Founder, Tierra de la Culebra Park

Tricia Ward is an artist educator and the founder of ArtsCorpLA, now known as Art...Community...Land...Activism! (ACLA). In 1992, Ward began organizing with families and youth in Highland Park to develop an art park in a derelict lot on Avenue 57. The guerrilla style initiative was a response to the 1992 civil uprisings in Los Angeles and the overall lack of public space designed to engage young people. The park, La Tierra de la Culebra, was the first of four ACLA art parks that provide art and music workshops, as well an environment that promotes community and civic action. La Tierra de la Culebra, through Ward's determination and hard work, has become a community cultural center for Highland Park. Ward discusses the lack of public space in Los Angeles, the importance of public art and the development of La Tierra de la Culebra.

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