L.A. in Motion, a series exploring transportation equity in Los Angeles, is produced in partnership with the California Endowment.

If you ask people -- including Angelenos -- about Los Angeles, a range of images immediately come to mind: our car culture, our suburban sprawl, and our stark divisions by race and income -- that are now characterizing the rest of America.

But is that old version of Los Angeles really who we are now?

The fact is that the next Los Angeles is being remade before our eyes -- and while there is much to be done, there is a lot that is going right. We are in the midst of a reinvention of sorts: from sprawl to community development, from car dependence to transit orientation, from rising inequality to a growing commitment to equity and inclusion.

The Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) at the University of Southern California is partnering with KCET Departures on a series of articles exploring what transportation equity means for Los Angeles and its residents. We've invited guest writers from key community allies whose work inspired and informed PERE's research report, "An Agenda For Equity, A Framework for Building a Just Transportation System in Los Angeles County".

Upcoming articles in this series aims to highlight a diverse range of individuals and organizations that shape L.A.'s multi-faceted transportation equity story. Each week, we'll feature a guest writer to share their views on "The Next L.A." and what transportation equity means to their lives and neighborhoods.

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