lariverstorm03.jpgL.A. River after a storm earlier this year

Rain Causes L.A. River Rec Zones to Close

Rains in Los Angeles parched a dry city, but it also closed down the two Los Angeles River recreational zones for the next 72 hours. According to Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) Chief Ranger Fernando Gomez last night, the MRCA observed a stormwater discharge in the Los Angeles River. As a response, the agency's protocol demands closure of the both recreational zones to ensure the safety of the public.

"This is similar to beach closures after rain falls," explains Gomez. After significant rainfall, bacteria levels can increase in the waters due to contaminants in runoff that make its way to the river. These increased bacteria levels could cause illness especially in the young and elderly. The two recreational zones are scheduled to open again August 7, Thursday at sunrise, said Gomez, "as long as there are no other rain runoff that would occur."

The two L.A. River recreation zones will be closed until Thursday, August 7:

Elysian Valley River Recreation Zone

Sepulveda Basin River Recreation Zone

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