Jenny Price

Jenny Price, the author of Flight Maps: Adventures with Nature in Modern America, is an environmental writer and L.A. river tour guide. Price believes that a lack of public consciousness is one of the most serious problems facing the river--without a community to back legislation and organizations, much of the hard work put into protecting the river is diminished. By leading tours down around the banks, Jenny hopes that getting people to realize the river is more than a water drain under the freeway will amplify the importance of the river to the city as a whole.

The Confluence
On the contradictions of LA's growth as a major metropolitan city.

On Revitalization
Using the river's revitalization to change LA's urban infrastructure.
An Unmarked Landscape
Naming and remembering the river is as important as cleaning it.
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Arroyo Seco Confluence


Shelly Backlar

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Are you going to be having any more tours, river or otherwise? If so, how will i find out?


Yes, tours! March 12 & 27 are next-- but just check the Friends of the Los Angeles River site or the LA River Tours facebook page.