Pocket Parks

Small pocket parks - some symbolic in nature - have sprung up along the Los Angeles River, from Los Feliz to Elysian Valley and together they create the L.A. River Greenway Trail. Although generally small, these multi-purpose spaces provide areas for recreation and watershed management, offering a new direction for how to treat, rebuild and enjoy the banks of the Los Angeles River. Plans to build more parks are in the works, thanks to the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, North East Trees and numerous other area organizations.

Below there is a photo slideshow of Marsh Park skate park as well as videos of Barbara Romero of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority and Lynne Dwyer and Martin Kammerer of BluGreen Consulting discussing the importance of pocket parks to both the river and the local community.

Lynne Dwyer of BlueGreen Consulting on the importance of community.

Fluvial Geomorphologist

Martin Kammerer of BlueGreen Consulting on the what it means to be a Fluvial Geomorphologist.

Barbara Romero on the efforts of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority

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Brett Goldstone


Sabrina Drill & Camm Swift