George Wolfe

Seeking to preserve the Los Angeles River's eligibility for protection under the Clean Water Act, kayakist George Wolfe and a group he organized (along with Jeffrey Tipton and Joel Shapiro), navigated all 51 miles of the river over 3 days in July 2008. Two years later, this trip proved integral to the Environmental Protection Agency's decision to declare the river a "traditional navigable waterway," giving it all the Federal protections accorded any American river. Today, Wolfe and his green business L.A. River Expeditions, in partnership with various environmental non-profits and individuals, leads unofficial guided canoe/kayak excursions down peaceful stretches of the river in hopes of transforming perceptions of its course. Los Angeles' status as a city by the sea means our community is filled to the brim with boaters and water-sports enthusiasts , and Wolfe aims to educate this constituency about the history of the river, environmental stewardship, community leadership, and river safety.

Below are several videos of writer and kayaker George Wolfe discussing the importance of accessibility and recreation to the Los Angeles River. Also, Departures Student Producer Arthur Salcedo interviewed Wolfe as part of the Departures Youth Voices program. Click here to read his impressions.

L.A. River Expedition
An overview of the LA River Expedition.
It's Surreal
George discusses the relationship between the LA River and its blend of urban and natural surroundings.
The River - Beyond a Glance
An in-depth description of the river in each of its neighborhoods.
Accessing the Water
George discusses his thoughts about the recreational policy in the river.
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