Northeast L.A. Riverfront

The Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront Collaborative (NELA RC) is an innovative, interdisciplinary partnership that will capture the energy of the Los Angeles River (River) as a catalyst for implementing revitalization strategies and help NELA communities to thrive. The NELA RC process builds upon the growing momentum of efforts already underway to transform the River, and aims to create a Riverfront District as a focal point of community revitalization, recreational activities, environmental stewardship, sustainable civic engagement, and economic growth for the entire city.

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Projects & Discussions

Explore how community members and organizations can have a say in local issues that affect the way we live in our city.

Media play a key role in creating common interests, issues, and events that are specific to the neighborhood, and can foster a shared sense of identity among residents.

Northeast L.A. has many potential riverfront projects that the community would want to see executed. How can you help to get these projects funded?

The Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront Collective brings together a wide variety of partners from different sectors that collectively are shaping new methods for urban planning.

We all have an idea of how to improve our communities. What would your ideal community include?

In Northeast L.A., food policy can determine the types of foods that are available and where they can be found. How would you improve the food system in your community?

The L.A. River serves as a public space in many parts of Northeast L.A., but does it create a sense of community?

Local students are working on taking old and uncared for street ends and turning them into places where community members can not only enter the river but also sit down, relax, maybe even have a cup of coffee and enjoy a view of the River.



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Summer Workshops

Last summer, five community workshops held within the study area explored placemaking, food accessbility, local assets, neighborhood identity, and sources for funding public projects.

Field Guides

Be a tourist in your own backyard, explore the places and histories that make up our unique neighborhoods.

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