People of Northeast Los Angeles: Ernesto Orozco

Tengo cuarenta años en esta área. Tengo como unos diez años que me pensione. Yo casi no caminaba, ni sabia que estaba esté parque aqui. Ya ahora después de que me pensioné pues ya me doy cuenta de como esta todo.

Antes si habían pandillas pero ahora esta tranquilo.

Aqui no la pasamos todos los retirados, platicando, divirtiendonos.

Si he visto cambios. Ahorita andaba yo para Glendale y he visto que estan construyendo muchos apartamentos. Construyeron otro parque que está aquí enfrente también. Y pues yo creo que por eso este parque tambien lo estan abandonando. Estaban diciendo ayer los amigos que creo que andaban juntando firmas para hacer otra cosa aquí en el parque.

No más fui una vez [al parque Rio De Los Ángeles] cuando andaban apenas abriendolo. Pero ya no he ido. Pues aquí no la pasamos porque aqui esta mas tranquilo para nosotros. Allá es para niños, pues es para toda la gente grande verdad pero aquí no la pasamos nosotros.

Mi camioneta es del '72. La compre nueva y la conservo en buen estado porque en ella es en la que me muevo.


I've been living in this area for forty years. It's been about ten years since I retired. I didn't use to walk often, I didn't even know this park was here. Now that I'm retired I'm more aware of the state of things.

There used to be gangs but now it's mellow.

This is where all us retirees spend our time--chatting, having fun.

I have seen changes. I was just driving to Glendale and I saw that there are a lot of apartments being constructed. There's another park that was constructed just across the way from here. I think that's probably why this park is being abandoned. Yesterday some friends were saying that people were collecting signatures to make something here in the park.

I only went once [to Rio de Los Ángeles State Park] when they'd just opened it. But I haven't been back. We spend our time here because for us this park is more easygoing. Over there is for kids, well it's also for adults, but we spend our time here.

My truck is from 1972. I bought it new and I keep it in good shape because it's what I get around in.

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